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Lasch Football Building Auditorium Renovation, Penn State University - University Park, PA

Project Completion: 2018 - Design Build


Project Highlights: 

  • Hoffman Leakey and Mortenson Construction worked closely with Coach Franklin, Intercollegiate Athletics, a national sports branding firm, an audio/visual consultant and facilities personnel to reimagine the football team's main meeting venue.

  • Renovations were planned during the fall season to allow construction to begin in December.

  • Improvements include new cameras and projectors, a robust new audio system, and specialized lighting 

  • Ten foot high glass panels with backlit graphics and a large ceiling-mounted illuminated logo give the space a “wow” factor.

  • Four custom trophy cases are front and center - two hold the team’s national championship trophies, and two are symbolically left empty for future teams to fill.

  • HLA designed a custom podium to meet Coach Franklin’s needs.

  • New branded seating and finishes complete the updated look.

  • HLA and Mortenson found creative solutions to save both time and money, including preordering key materials and purchasing costly lighting systems directly. The new auditorium achieved the project’s stated goals and was ready in time for the team’s Spring game in April.

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