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Portfolio  |  Higher Education  |  Bursar's Office Renovation, Penn State University - University Park, PA

Bursar's Office Renovation, Shields Building, Penn State University - University Park, PA

Project Completion: 2019


Project Highlights: 

  • The face of the Bursar's Office had not changed in decades, with dated, bulky counter-height teller areas.

  • Hoffman Leakey was hired to transform the public-facing portion of the Bursar’s Office into a modern workplace that creates a more welcoming first impression for Penn State.

  • Lead architect Bob Hoffman and Interior Designer Melissa Shank worked with the Director and a staff committee to design new desk-height work stations that would allow both staff and visitors to comfortably sit, communicate, and easily share their computer screen.

  • Partitions provide privacy between stations, and new softer lighting creates a more comforting atmosphere.

  • Excess teller space was converted into a private supervisor’s office.

  • A translucent graphic along a new glass wall livens the space with branding while allowing light into the interior offices.

  • New security features and updates to the break room were also included.

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