Blue and White Weekend Tour

April 18, 2016


This past weekend was Blue and White weekend here in Happy Valley. This is always a fun time in our area. It marks the return of warmer weather, and the promise that football will, indeed, be back soon! If you are not from our area, or a Penn State fan, I am sure your favorite college has something similar. It is a spring training style, practice game where the football team divides into two teams and plays a scrimmage game. 


We were honored to be part of a tour of the Morgan Academic Center with the Nittany Lion Club at Penn State University to view progress of the site, and share the vision of the completed space.


The feedback was incredible and humbling.  


It was a reminder as to why we all do what we do, and why we love what we do so very much.



Many people think that architects love what they do because they like building and planning large structures. While that is true to an extent, we, as architects and designers, love what we do because of the profound impact that we can have on people and space, and the direct rewards and benefits that engaging and functional spaces have on overall happiness and success - no matter how one defines success. 


Thank you to the amazing benefactors, to Penn State University, to the Nittany Lion Club, to the Morgan Academic Center team, to the Morgan Family, to PJ DIck, to PSU OPP, and to former and current Penn State student athletes who have made this project possible, and incredibly rewarding. 



Here are just a few quotes from our tour: 




"This is insane, incredible."

"I'm upset that I am a junior and only have one year left to use and enjoy this space!"

Super, really terrific."

"This is going to be amazing, look at that view! I want to come back!" 





"I am amazed, this is just absolutely amazing! Your firm has done an amazing job. So open, so well lit. What a great feeling in this space. Things are looking great! It is going to be an amazing facility! I love all of the views, your firm has done an amazing job!" - Morgan Family





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